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Facebook Messenger Polls Are Now a Thing

Mark Zuckerberg introducing the new Messenger platform in 2015.Photo by Josh Edelson—AFP via Getty Images

Facebook Messenger just got an upgrade.

The social media company now allows messengers to poll their friends through the app. So it’ll be easier for a group of friends to decide when and where they’re going to meet up.

“It’s often hard to get groups of people to make decisions and plans, from deciding what movie to go watch, what restaurants to eat at, which day to meet up for coffee, where to go on the next family vacation, and much more,” Facebook told Venture Beat.

The new feature is only available for group messaging, and it is currently only available to U.S. users. If messengers are outside the country, but still part of a group message with others in the U.S., they can see the poll without actually being able to cast your vote.

This comes less than a year after Twitter (TWTR) introduced polling on its platform, though it’s not the first time Facebook (FB) has utilized a similar feature. Facebook users have the ability to create polls in groups and events, too.


In addition to the new polling feature, Facebook is encouraging peer-to-peer payments through the messenger app. The app can now predict when a user either wants to pay someone else or request a payment. If users suggest that they owe or are owed money, the app will pick up on it and immediately present them with pay options.