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Costco and Sam’s Club Recall Nearly 9,000 Pounds of Ham

Cuban sandwichCuban sandwich
Ham sandwich.Photo by Zbigniew Bzdak—Chicago Tribune/MCT via Getty Images

Bad news for ham lovers who frequent Costco or Sam’s Club.

Washington-based 502 Boundary Blvd., previously called Fletcher’s Fine Foods, has recalled 8,694 pounds of “Fletcher’s Fine Foods Classics Black Forest Brand Ham with Natural Juices.” It comes in a vacuum-sealed package, with “Product of Canada” and “Est. 337” on the label. The packaging code is “16 OC 2016.”

The company issued the recall after a customer found “various sized pieces of what appeared to be a rubber material” in their package, according to Consumerist. The USDA then classified it a Class II recall, which means it’s a “health hazard situation where there is a remote possibility of adverse health consequences.”

Manufacturers use a mixture of hundreds of chemicals to produce rubber products, from tires to gloves. So accidental consumption could risk exposure to those materials. While no injuries have been reported at this time, 502 Boundary Blvd. urges consumers to either dispose of the product or return it to the retailer.

The ham was produced on July 18, 2016, packaged in Ontario, and exported to the U.S. on July 21, 2016 where it was sold at Costco (COST), Sam’s Club, and various distribution centers in Alaska, Utah, and Washington.


502 Boundary Blvd. could not immediately be reached for comment.