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Nike’s ‘Back to the Future’-Inspired Shoes Will Hit Stores in November

Attention all Back to the Future fans: Nike’s self-lacing shoes are finally going on sale in November.

At least that’s according to the company’s public relations director Heidi Burgett, who Tweeted the shoes would be available at “select Nike retail locations” beginning Nov. 28. Burgett did not say which locations exactly or how much the shoes will cost, but potential buyers can expect a high price tag, according to Wired.

The sneakers, which were inspired by the Nike Mag shoes Michael J. Fox wore in Back to the Future II, operate on an internal cable system made from fishing line and a pressure sensor in the sole. Laces tighten once you place your foot inside, and wearers can adjust how tight or loose the laces are by pressing an external pair of buttons near the tongue, The Verge reports.

The catch? These futuristic shoes have to be charged. LED lights are built into the heel to indicate both when laces are tightening and the shoe is low on battery, according to The Verge. Charging takes up to three hours, but it reportedly lasts up to two weeks.

Formally known as HyperAdapt 1.0, the sneakers were a decade in the making, according to a previous Fortune report. And although there’s still over a month until the product’s release date, advancements for the shoes are already in the works. Nike (NKE) designers have previously expressed their hope to make the shoes adjust automatically to a wearer’s foot. This would be especially helpful for wearers who like to run: Since athlete’s feet naturally swell while running, automatic adjustments would make runs more comfortable.