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Where the World’s Most Powerful Women Work

Fortune’s Most Powerful Women International list that ranks 50 high-powered international businesswomen can be cut various ways.

By industry—there are women execs working everywhere from tech startups to legacy finance companies to oil and gas operators.

By age—nearly three decades separate the youngest woman on the list, Tsai (Patty) Pei-Chun, CEO of Taiwan’s Pou Chen Group, who’s 36, from the three oldest, who are all 63.

And because the list considers women who work everywhere but the United States, this year it also boasts a geographic diversity that spans 19 different countries and five continents. China has the most women on the list, with 13. The U.K. is a close second, with 11 women on the list.

Here’s what it looks like when the MPW International list is mapped by country.

This year’s ranking has two honorees in North America, one in Africa and Australia apiece, 23 in Europe, and 23 in Asia. Despite covering so much ground, almost half the honorees are from England and China alone.

Data editor Stacy Jones contributed to this article.