Here’s What Is Inside Every Olympian’s Nike Swag Bag

August 16, 2016, 5:24 PM UTC

Even if an Olympic athlete does not go home with a medal, they’ll be going home with a bunch of free gear from Nike (NKE) and other brands. Similar to entertainment events like the Oscars (where one of this year’s gifts included a $55,000 trip to Israel), Olympic participants receive a swag bag with a bunch of goodies to take home. This year, the men and women get about 40 items from Nike, listed below. Also remember that all U.S. Olympic athletes have their flight and accommodations in Rio paid for by the U.S. Olympics Committee.

10 short-sleeved shirts for men, 6 t-shirts for women

4 long-sleeve pullovers for men, 2 for women

4 pairs of workout pants for men, 2 for women

2 pairs of sandals for men, 1 pair for women

3 pairs of athletic shoes, 2 for women

2 watches for men, 1 for women

2 pairs of underpants for men, 2 sports bras for women

2 drawstring bags for men, 1 for women

1 water bottle, passport case, wrist band, and duffel bag, 2 caps, and 4 pairs of shorts for both

3 pairs of workout leggings, 4 tank tops, 2 warmup jackets, and 3 pairs of socks only for women

1 pair of sunglasses and weights only for men

As an added bonus, Olympians may soon be able to keep more of their prize money thanks to a proposed bill for tax relief. For U.S. atheletes, a gold medal translates to $25,000, while silver means $15,000 and bronze $10,000. Olympians must currently pay a portion to the IRS along with a tax on the metal in the medals. But with the Olympics now top-of-mind for those around the nation, this could be changing for the better.