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Sarah Silverman’s Hacked Twitter Account Just Attacked Hillary Clinton

Sarah Silverman's hacked Twitter account attacks Hillary Clinton.Sarah Silverman's hacked Twitter account attacks Hillary Clinton.
Sarah Silverman's hacked Twitter account attacks Hillary Clinton.Screenshot by David Meyer

Comedian Sarah Silverman has been a notable and outspoken supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders. But at the Democratic National Convention on Monday, she vocally threw her weight behind former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, telling Sanders die-hards that they were being “ridiculous” by opposing the party’s chosen nominee.

So it may have come as a bit of a shock to Silverman’s 8.6 million Twitter followers to see her tweet out a video, from the official YouTube account of hacker collective Anonymous, that openly attacks Clinton.

“America, are you awakening?” asked the tweet in both English and Russian.

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The video in question was published in April, accusing Clinton of dishonesty, Zionism, and being a “master of the black arts of attack politics.” Within minutes, Silverman tweeted that her Twitter account had been hacked, and deleted the original tweet.

It’s not yet clear how Silverman’s account got hacked, but she now joins a long list of people and organizations whose Twitter accounts have been taken over by miscreants, ranging from the NFL to activist DeRay McKesson to Mark Zuckerberg to Twitter chief Jack Dorsey.