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Bill Clinton Is the Big Draw on DNC Day Two

Philadelphia Prepares To Host Democratic National ConventionPhiladelphia Prepares To Host Democratic National Convention
The DNC in Philly is driving hotel room rates over $500 a night even though convention officials negotiated contracts with 95 hotels.Photograph by Drew Angerer – Getty Images

The first day of the Democratic National Convention was a decidedly up and down affair. There was plenty of intra-party squabbling, as Bernie Sanders supporters repeatedly booed the mention of Hillary Clinton’s name and several speakers were interrupted by chants.

There were also moments of unity, though. The convention came together to applaud First Lady Michelle Obama, and Sanders himself closed the night by giving Clinton a full-throated endorsement.

The second day of the convention won’t have as much political star power as the first day, but it will include one of the most popular figures in the Democratic Party: President Bill Clinton.

Normally, the spouse of a party’s candidate speaks on the first night of a convention. Given that Bill Clinton is also a former President, though, his slot was moved to a more attractive space on Tuesday night.

Also speaking Tuesday will be the “Mothers of the Movement,” a collection of women whose children have died in either gun violence or via police action. Having these women appear on stage at the DNC will provide a distinct contrast in style from last week’s Republican Convention, where gun rights and unfettered police support were among the biggest applause points.

The speakers on Tuesday are, for the most part, crowd pleasers. After party schisms were on full display on Monday, Democrats need viewers at home to see lots of unity inside the Wells Fargo Center.