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Apple Is About to Hit the 1 Billion Mark in iPhone Sales

Inside The New Apple Inc. Flagship San Francisco StoreInside The New Apple Inc. Flagship San Francisco Store
Apple Inc. iPhone smartphone covers are displayed inside the company's new flagship store at Union Square in San Francisco, California, U.S.David Paul Morris — Bloomberg via Getty Images

It’s a figure that’s roughly equivalent to a seventh of the world’s population: Apple may sell its 1 billionth iPhone this week—if it has not done so already, according to a new report.

Wall Street analysts told the Financial Times they anticipate Apple (AAPL) will report about 40 million in iPhone sales during its third-quarter earnings report Tuesday. That results in a grand total of 987 million iPhones sold cumulatively. Apple is also expected to reveal roughly 13 million in iPhone sales each of the three months following—taking Apple’s total iPhone sales up to 1 billion by the end of July.

Apple already reported over 1 billion active devices in April, a figure which includes its laptops, watches, smartphones, and more.

But excitement for the 1 billion mark figure is likely to be dampened. Apple posted a disappointing second quarter back in April with its first ever drop in iPhone sales. Since the iPhone has made up the brunt of Apple’s sales, investors are worried whether the company can continue to post high growth.


Apple is still expected to post a decline in sales during the third quarter, as consumers hold back on purchasing new smartphones for more than the traditional two years.

Some analysts are also holding on to hope that the new iPhone model coming out in 2017 will jump start Apple’s lagging sales.