This Cruise Line Won’t Let You Bring Water Onboard

July 5, 2016, 8:14 PM UTC
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The next time you book a trip with Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH), make sure you don’t have any water or soda bottles with you.

The cruise operator has recently changed its policy, officially forbidding passengers from bringing beverages onboard, whether they be in a carry-on or a checked bag. The new rules apply to passengers embarking at the beginning of the trip as well as at any port of call, and they will go into effect starting on July 15. If a passenger buys any beverages at a port of call, the cruise staff will be able to store them until the date of debarkation.

There are two exceptions to the rule. Norwegian will allow factory-sealed purified or distilled water that will be used for infant formula or a medical device. The cruise line will also let passengers bring sealed bottles of wine, though they will have to pay a corkage fee of either $15 or $30.

USA Today notes that this new policy sets Norwegian aside from two of its competitors, Princess and Carnival. The Miami-based cruise operator explains that it has chosen to revise its policy for simpler, less time-consuming security screenings. Every single beverage that passengers bring on board have to be individually screened, so this could potentially reduce screening time and allow personnel to focus their efforts on other security concerns.