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Here’s How to Get a Free Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon Readies Kindle Fire Update to Keep Up With Apple, GoogleAmazon Readies Kindle Fire Update to Keep Up With Apple, Google
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos with two Fire HD tablets.Photo by Patrick Fallon—Bloomberg via Getty Images

What would you do for a free tablet? Amazon (AMZN) thinks you might switch your cable provider.

At least that’s the online retailer’s current promotion—sign up for Comcast (CMCSA) through Amazon’s Cable Store and get a free tablet. According to TVPredictions, you have to submit your order by June 16, activate your service, and remain with the cable company for at least 45 days. You should expect an email from Amazon in the latter half of July with a code that will let you redeem your gift.

Those who sign up for either Comcast’s Internet service or its Internet/TV bundle can collect a $49 Fire HD tablet. You’ll be upgraded to the $229 version if you sign a two year contract for select Comcast Triple Play services, which include Internet, television, and phone.


Amazon’s Cable Store debuted in March. Comcast is the only cable provider available through the store so far, though Consumerist notes that the e-retailer is currently working with a second provider to expand its new service.