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Burger King Is Now Making Burritos Out of the Whopper

Burger King (BKW) may be looking to poach some of Taco Bell’s customers with its latest product: the Whopperrito.

The Whopperrito is a combination of two very unlikely foods: a Whopper and a burrito. Originally reported by GrubGrade, this new fast food monstrosity takes the ingredients from Burger King’s most iconic sandwich—beef, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, white onions, ketchups, and mayonnaise—and wraps them all into one flour tortilla.

The Whopperrito has only been spotted at one Burger King location so far in Hermitage, Pennsylvania. If social media is an accurate indicator, it doesn’t appear to be widely available outside of that. Searches on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook come up nearly empty, aside from one customer who appears to have purchased one at a location near Champion, Ohio.

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This is Burger King’s second variation on its iconic Whopper this year. Shortly after introducing its Grilled Dogs, the fast food chain launched the Whopper Dog. Similar to the Whopperrito, it is made with all of the toppings that are found on a Whopper, but placed on a hot dog rather than a hamburger.

Burger King could not immediately be reached for comment.