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Why Whole Foods Is Selling an Invasive, Poisonous Fish

Lionfish At Artisanal FoodsLionfish At Artisanal Foods
A lionfish swims in a tank at Artisanal Foods in Las Vegas, Nevada.Ethan Miller Getty Images

Whole Foods has started selling a typically poisonous fish to its customers.

The species, an invasive type of lionfish that’s causing problems in Florida, is having its poisonous spines removed by Whole Foods workers and is sold to customers in the region to cook, USA Today reported.

The grocery chain started selling the lionfish for $8.99/lb beginning this past Wednesday and is expected to raise the price to $9.99/lb on June 1.

The move to sell the invasive species at stores follows recommendations by the Florida Wildlife Commission to catch and cook the species which is native to Indo-Pacific waters.

In recent Whole Foods news, the company opened a cheap chain of grocery stores on Thursday called 365, which is debuting in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Silver Lake.

The company said in a statement to USA Today that the fish has “white, buttery meat [that] lends itself to a number of different recipes.”