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The Gay Pastor Who Accused Whole Foods of a Slur Has Apologized

A Whole Foods Market
A Whole Foods Market
A Whole Foods Market Courtesy of Whole Foods

Pastor Jordan Brown has reportedly dropped his lawsuit against Whole Foods (WFM).

The openly gay pastor from Texas has apologized to the retailer, and the Austin American-Statesman reports that he’s dropping the lawsuit that accused an employee of the grocery story of writing an anti-gay slur on a custom cake.

Brown filed the lawsuit on April 18. He said he had ordered a cake that was meant to read “Love Wins,” a phrase commonly associated with marriage equality, but instead received a cake with the words, “Love Wins Fag.” Fortune previously reported that Whole Foods wasted no time filing a countersuit against Brown, accusing him of altering the cake himself and demanding $100,000 in damages for his fraudulent claims.

“The company did nothing wrong,” Brown said in a statement on Monday. “I was wrong to pursue this matter and use the media to perpetuate the story.” He apologized to Whole Foods and its team members, his partner, his family, his fellow church members, and the LGBT community for “diverting attention from real issues.”


Whole Foods followed up with its own statement announcing that it will not move forward with the countersuit.