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GitHub Changes Its Pricing Plan

GitHub has a new pricing arrangement for some of its services.

The San Francisco startup is popular among software developers who store their software code in the company’s online repositories. Developers can choose to store their code in free public repositories, in which anyone can view and contribute to in a so-called open source model.

However, for coders that want to work on non-public software projects and want to limit the number of contributors who can view the code, they must pay for what’s known as a private repository.

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It used to be that developers would have to pay monthly fees that would give them access to a small number of private repositories where they could load their code. If a developer wanted more private repositories, they would have to pay more cash each month.

Now, GitHub is offering unlimited private repositories per a monthly fee starting at $7 dollars a month for individual coders. For businesses that want access to unlimited private repositories, GitHub is charging a $9 monthly fee that will increase depending on how many coders they want to give access.

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The pricing change essentially means that GitHub is charging businesses per user they have on private software projects hosted online by GitHub. Business software company Atlassian (TEAM) also charges businesses per user for an unlimited supply of private repositories from its own service Bitbucket.