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VOTE: Who Should Hillary Clinton Pick as Her Running Mate?

Hillary Rodham Clinton Book PresentationHillary Rodham Clinton Book Presentation
Clinton's own campaign has already released ads that portray Trump negatively. Photograph by Adam Berry—Getty Images

With her latest series of wins, Hillary Clinton has just about locked up the Democratic presidential nomination. Facing what will likely amount to a vicious race against Donald Trump for the White House, who should Clinton pick to be her running mate?

Clinton has several popular candidates to choose from. The progressive wing of the party wants her to choose her Democratic primary rival, Bernie Sanders, or perhaps Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Others think she should opt for someone who with a personality as large as Donald Trump and choose Sen. Al Franken. There’s also a case for going with someone who could balance the ticket, like Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine.

Use the swiper below and tell us who you think would be a good running mate for Clinton.

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