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Here’s How to Get a Sneak Preview of China’s New Disneyland Park

Shanghai Disneyland Park Sales TicketShanghai Disneyland Park Sales Ticket
Aerial view of the Shanghai Disneyland Park under construction on March 27, 2016 in Shanghai, China.Photograph by VCG via Getty Images

If you’re lucky enough to know someone who works for Disney, you can get a six-week jump on the crowds at the company’s new Disneyland Park in Shanghai.

Bloomberg reports that starting this weekend, employees, partners, and stakeholders of Disney’s resort business will be able to preview the park—the first of its kind in mainland China.


The park’s opening, currently scheduled for June 16, is an example of increased collaboration between the U.S. and China, said Walt Disney Co. (DIS) Bob Iger at a meeting with Chinese president Xi Jinping on Thursday.

“What the Walt Disney Company has been able to achieve in China, I think, is a perfect example of cooperation, but it also came after years of understanding, years of building up a deep respect for one another and appreciation for each other’s interests,” Iger said at the meeting, reports Bloomberg.

Not everything is going smoothly of Disney in China, however. Just last month, a joint venture between the company’s entertainment business and Alibaba’s (BABA) Tmall shopping platform to offer Disney’s content online has been suspended at the request of Chinese regulators.