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Apple Tries to Make You Cry With Its New Mother’s Day Ad

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A user surfing the Web on her iPhone.Photograph by Jiangang Wang—Moment Editorial/Getty Images

Apple’s latest ad is aimed at showcasing what its iPhone camera can do—and how mothers are using it.

In its latest ad, “Shot on iPhone—Mother’s Day,” Apple’s (AAPL) 30-second reel shows videos and photos taken on the company’s iPhones by people around the world. The video shows a mother crying at the sight of her baby’s birth, smiling mothers with their kids, and other touching portraits. The ad ends with Apple’s standard, simple tagline: “Moms. Shot on iPhone.”

“Celebrating motherhood through the lens of iPhone users around the world,” Apple wrote in its description of the ad on YouTube.

Apple’s advertising have been somewhat iconic over the last few decades. The ads have ranged from the now-famous “1984” ad to promote Apple’s Macintosh computer as well as the silhouetted figures featured in its iPod commercials. Apple has, in recent years, turned its attention more towards mobile, showcasing its iPhones and Apple Watch devices.

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In addition, Apple has made its ads a bit more focused on celebrities and important days of the year. In recent weeks, for instance, the company has published two videos featuring famed musical artist Taylor Swift that both went viral. To commemorate last month’s Earth Day, Apple released a commercial showing how it uses renewable energy to provide services to its customers.

That ad focused on how every one of its iMessages are delivered by renewable energy because they are routed through Apple data centers powered using solar and wind, among other sources.

For more about the iPhone, watch:

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, Apple’s latest TV spot is in keeping with the tech giant’s latest moves. However, some have argued that Apple’s cameras could be a bit better. Indeed, some of its top competitors, including Samsung and LG, have recently launched devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7, which come with what reviewers argue are superior cameras.

Recent rumors have suggested that Apple will attempt to catch up to its competitors later this year when it announces the iPhone 7. Those reports say Apple will deliver a far better camera than the one already built into the iPhone 6s, aiming to improve its credibility in the mobile-photography market. Such a move might make sense as smartphones have quickly become one of the most popular ways for people to take photos and videos.

For now, though, we’re left with an ad about moms using their iPhones to capture special moments.