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Fortune Live for April 21, 2016: Donald Trump, Blue Apron, and Crickets

We have a great lineup today for Fortune Live, our weekly business show hosted by Leigh Gallagher.

To start us off, Fortune digital editor Aaron Task and associate editor Anne VanderMey will reach into the “Fortune Fishbowl” and pull out some of the biggest news items of the past week: Will they discuss Intel (INTC) layoffs? Netflix (NFLX) earnings? Pumpkin Spice Cheerios? Tune in to find out!

And home sales are flying high. We dig into the numbers with Nela Richardson, chief economist at Redfin.

Then, Fortune’s Valentina Zarya tests the classy purse that’s designed to hide your cannabis and its smell.

As Donald Trump edges closer to securing the GOP nomination, Leigh Gallagher is joined by Fortune‘s Shawn Tully to discuss his exclusive feature story on the real estate tycoon.

Next, Fortune‘s Ben Geier fact checks Bernie Sanders’ claim that improving the country’s infrastructure could add 13 million jobs in our series, “Really?!”.

Looking to hire your next wave of star employees? Adam Miller, CEO of Cornerstone OnDemand (CSOD), drops by to tell us how big data can help.

Leigh Gallagher then checks out the future of food with Gabi Lewis, cofounder of Exo, the company that makes protein bars with a sustainable ingredient: crickets.

Don’t have a taste for crickets just yet? Blue Apron CEO Matt Salzberg sat down with Fortune‘s Susie Gharib to discuss how he was able to inspire people to start cooking at home again.

To close the show, Leigh offers her take on this week’s news.

The full show and individual segments will be available to watch on demand after the show concludes. You can find them at