Can This ‘Odor-Proof’ Handbag Really Mask the Smell of Pot?

April 20, 2016, 3:54 PM UTC

Two years ago, an advertising executive and a designer set out to create a bag for female marijuana users that is both functional and fashionable. And so, a company called Annabis was born.

The function part of the equation had two aspects: organization and odor control. To create the former, the founders created specially designed pockets for things like lighters, vaporizers, and eye drops. For the latter, they lined each bag—made with Italian leather—with a plastic resin film.

But do the bags live up to their promise of being odor-proof? In honor of 4/20—the 20th of April, which has become an unofficial marijuana holiday in the U.S—Fortune decided to put Annabis’ products to the test (legally, of course).

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