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This Presidential Candidate Would Make The Best Houseguest, Says Airbnb

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Campaigns In New York CityDemocratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Campaigns In New York City

Airbnb wants to clear something up. In the race for the White House, there can only be one candidate crowned as America’s “best houseguest.”

Short of actually enrolling any Presidential candidates in an Airbnb home stay for a night, the company thinks it has found a winner.

In a new survey of more than 2,000 Americans, conducted by Harris Poll, Airbnb asked which presidential candidate that respondents would most like to have stay in their homes for “a few days.”

It’s the sharing economy’s new twist on the old “which candidate could you share a beer with” quiz. (That’s one possible way that the homestay juggernaut could get a little closer to booking a billion nights a year by 2025.)

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Poll respondents came from across the political spectrum, with 612 calling themselves Republicans, 708 saying they were Democrats, and 559 identifying themselves as independent voters.

Four out of five of those surveyed reported they would indeed like to have a presidential candidate come stay with them in their home. But which candidate is the best dinner table company? Who is not going to leave a mess?

Democrat Hillary Clinton won out as most wanted houseguest in the survey with 24% of the vote. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders tied close behind in second place as both candidates had 20% of respondents hoping they’d join them for a stay.

As for Ted Cruz and John Kasich? Only 8% of voters are interested in having them pay a house call.

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Yet when roles are reversed and you ask which candidates’ homes people would most like to visit, that’s another story.

Nearly a third (30%) of the crowd surveyed admitted they’d like to stay chez billionaire Donald Trump. Trump is the one candidate who could potentially offer a night at his so-called Versailles of Palm Beach, the Mar-a-Lago, which is just one of his lavish, gold-infused homes.

Approximately 42% of those surveyed also said they expected Trump would have the comfiest rooms of any candidate, while 34% wanted to raid Trump’s fridge. A beer test, indeed.