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Bill Koch Is Selling Off His Epic $15M Wine Cellar

William Koch in 2011Photograph by Getty Images

Bill Koch, the energy scion most and major Republican donor, is liquidating some of his “liquid” assets.

There are 20,000 bottles in Koch’s cellar, reports Bloomberg, and he’s looking to sell them for a total of $15 million at a Sotheby’s auction on May 19-21. This represents only around half of Koch’s wine collection, which he has been amassing for 40 years.

The wine collection will be broken up into 2,700 lots. One lot will contain 10 bottles of Mouton’s 1945 vintage, and could go for up to $120,000.


“That’s one of the most legendary wines,” said Connor Kriegel Sotheby’s head of wine sales. “It’s the wartime vintage, and it’s one of the greatest wines they’ve ever made. To see it on such a scale is pretty spectacular.”

Koch is a verifiable wine master. In the 1980s he spent $500,000 on four bottles that may have once been owned by Thomas Jefferson.

No word on which Republican candidate will benefit from this sale.