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How Kellogg Wants to Save Cereal

Kellogg Co. Products Ahead Of Earnings FiguresKellogg Co. Products Ahead Of Earnings Figures
Kellogg Co. breakfast cereals are arranged for a photograph in Tiskilwa, Illinois.Photograph by Daniel Acker — Getty Images

For generations of Americans, cold cereal was their go-to breakfast food. But with millennials finding the dish too time-intensive to eat on busy mornings, Krispies, O’s, and Chex have lost their place in the breakfast nook.

Now Kellogg reportedly has a new plan to revive the cereal market: selling it as snack food.

According to Bloomberg, the company has started repackaging some of its products, like Frosted Flakes and Special K, into portable containers to encourage customers to eat them straight out of the box.

“It’s an alternative to a salty or savory snack in the evening when you’re looking for a little TV time,” Craig Bahner, Kellogg’s Morning Foods division chief told Bloomberg.


The plan may ultimately not work. At least one expert told Bloomberg that people may be reluctant to think about cereal as anything other than a breakfast food, at least not in numbers large enough to end the sales slump, which is expected to continue at least through 2020.