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Netflix’s American Catalog Has Shrunk Dramatically in Just Two Years

If you’ve felt like you’re running out of options on Netflix faster than expected, you’re not imagining things.

Turns out, the number of titles on the streaming service’s U.S. catalog has shrunk by 31.7% since January 2014, according to a blog post by AllFlicks spotted by Business Insider. AllFlicks tracks Netflix’s (NFLX) content, and has found that in the less than two years, Netflix’s catalogue has 2,571 fewer titles.

The data doesn’t say very much about the reasons, but it could likely be in part due to the increased competition. With Hulu, Amazon (NFLX), and others bidding for the same streaming rights, it wouldn’t be surprising if prices are rising and Netflix is choosing to pass on some titles.


Netflix has also been heavily investing in producing exclusive content, such as its hugely popular series “Orange is the New Black” and “House of Cards. The company is likely shifting its focus to this type of content, and could argue that it’s higher quality, and therefore worth the fewer titles the service now offers.