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Jimmy Kimmel Mansplains Political Campaigning to Hillary Clinton—And Sexism to Everyone Else

ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" - Season 13ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" - Season 13
Hillary Clinton on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live"Photograph by Randy Holmes—American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Over the past couple of weeks, political pundits have provided glaring examples of how not to talk about women. Take last week’s Super Tuesday primaries, when commentators described Hillary Clinton’s victory speech as “shouting,” and MSNBC host Joe Scarborough tweeted at the candidate to “smile.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg of sexist commentary that Clinton has dealt with throughout her campaign—something that talk show host Jimmy Kimmel brilliantly pointed out Thursday night on his eponymous show.

In a skit, Kimmel mansplained to Clinton how best to present herself on the stump—after first mansplaining mansplaining: “It’s when a man explains something to a woman in a condescending way.”

Kimmel’s critique of Clinton was full of ridiculous contradictions: She was too loud, then too quiet; she should smile, but not too much because “it looks like you’re faking it.”

When Clinton points out the conflicting advice, Kimmel admits that he “can’t quite put [his] finger on” what’s wrong.

“Something is not—you’re not—”

“A man?” Clinton asks.


Watch the full clip below: