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Apple’s Fight With the FBI Isn’t Keeping People From Wanting an iPhone

Apple logo reflected on the glass of its store.Photograph by Jewel Samad—AFP via Getty Images

Apple has been fighting with the FBI over hacking into an iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino shooters for weeks, but none of this has much bearing on whether consumers will purchase a new iPhone, according to a recent poll.

Over the weekend between March 18 and 21, Fortune polling partner Morning Consult surveyed 2001 U.S. residents. Results found that more than half of them (51%) replied the current Apple (AAPL) vs. FBI scuffle has no effect over whether or not they will spring for a new iPhone. Additionally, 19% of them said they’re now more likely to purchase a new one.

Looks like Apple’s “brand marketing strategy,” as the U.S. Justice Department described the tech giant’s refusal to hack the phone, is working. (For a refresher on the big brawl, check out Fortune‘s coverage.)

For more about Apple vs. FBI, watch:

That said, the same poll’s respondents were asked if they plan to purchase Apple’s upcoming iPhone SE (it was only rumored at the time), but 74% said no.

Of course, because the phone hadn’t been revealed until yesterday, the responses aren’t truly indicative of consumer sentiment now that the world has seen the phone.

The iPhone SE, which will go on pre-sale this Thursday and hit the stores on March 31, is an upgraded version of Apple’s iPhone 5S—all the smallness of a 4-inch display, with the powerful inners of the newer phones.