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Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Are Selling a Burger That Tastes Like Moonshine

Inside a Hardee's Fast Food OutletInside a Hardee's Fast Food Outlet
A Hardee's restaurantPhotograph by Bloomberg via Getty Images

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’are unveiling a new moonshine-flavored burger to consumers. The item, dubbed the “Midnight Moonshine Burger,” will start being sold on March 23.

To help sell it, Hall of Fame Nascar driver Junior Johnson has partnered with the fast-food chains that are owned by CKE Restaurants. CNBC reported that Johnson works with Piedmont Distillers, which is helping to give the non-alcoholic burger its moonshine flavor.

The product is 100% black Angus beef and comes with a moonshine glaze. It is charcoal-grilled and also comes with pepper-jack cheese, garlic, and pepper fried onions. The Midnight Moonshine Burger will also come topped with bacon.


“It knocked everybody’s socks off when we tasted it,” CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder said to CNBC. He added that the burger will be available at over 3,300 fast food locations and may become a permanent item on the menus depending on how it fares.

The Midnight Moonshine Burger will sell for $4.39 for a single, $5.59 for a double, and $5.59 for a one-third pound version, according to CNBC.