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Hillary Clinton’s Southern Domination Continues, with Florida Win

Hillary Clinton Campaigns In Ohio Ahead Of Primary DayHillary Clinton Campaigns In Ohio Ahead Of Primary Day
Hillary Clinton speaks to the congregation at the Mount Zion Fellowship Church on March 13, 2016 in Highland Hills, OhioJustin Sullivan—Getty Images

Hillary Clinton continued her complete domination of rival Bernie Sanders in the South on Tuesday evening, winning primaries in both North Carolina and Florida.

Clinton won other Southern states in earlier contests, including Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama. Her ties to the African American community likely played a big part in her victories, as black people account for a large part of the Democratic electorate in the region.

Clinton is also leading in Ohio, another critical state voting on Tuesday. Though Sanders has sworn he’d stay in the race through the Democratic convention in July, it is looking less likely that he can pull out a win.