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How to Get a Free Samsung Galaxy S7

If you’re looking to get your hands on a free Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge, T-Mobile has a plan.

The self-proclaimed “Un-Carrier” announced Wednesday that for a limited time, customers who buy one Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge will get a second Galaxy S7 model of the buyer’s choice free of charge. T-Mobile says customers won’t need to buy an identical Galaxy S7, so they can get a Galaxy S7 and then a Galaxy S7 Edge, or two of either model. If customers buy two Galaxy S7 devices, T-Mobile (TMUS) will offer two more at no charge.

Samsung’s (SSNLF) Galaxy S7 line, which goes on sale Friday, is arguably the most anticipated smartphone launch so far this year. The devices come with a metal design and a 5.1-inch screen in the Galaxy S7, alongside a 5.5-inch display in the Galaxy S7 Edge. The Edge model comes with curved screens that provide additional software functions on either side. The devices also feature an always-on display and improved performance.

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T-Mobile’s move is in step with its longstanding desire to shake things up in the mobile industry. By using its “Un-Carrier” branding, T-Mobile has attempted to show customers that it’s different from other carriers. The company was a first-mover on several important wireless innovations, including paying for customers to switch to its platform. The company has also made headlines by making bold moves—like offering an expensive, brand-new smartphone for free.

Much of that can be credited to the company’s outspoken CEO, John Legere. Over the last several years, Legere has taken the fight to Verizon (VZ) and AT&T (T), arguing that his company is the best provider for any consumer.

T-Mobile’s decision is a rather surprising one, given the Galaxy S7’s price tag: The device starts at $670 off-contract at T-Mobile, though customers can instead pay a monthly fee ranging from $28 to $30, depending on the version they pick. All four major carriers offer similar pricing. In addition to the device price, T-Mobile says it will pay up to $650 per line for switching to its service. A family of four, in other words, could cost T-Mobile several thousand dollars just to get it to move from another carrier.

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To its credit, T-Mobile isn’t offering its freebie deal to customers in monthly installments. Instead, the company says that it’ll send to customers the “full retail price of the second, lower-priced device back as a prepaid debit card via online rebate.”

T-Mobile’s deal will be available for a limited time, though the company didn’t say when it would end the program. The offer requires a 24-month installment agreement. The prepaid debit card will be mailed to customers six to eight weeks after the transaction.