The 100 Best Employers Are Looking to Fill 100,876 Jobs This Year


Fortune’s annual list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For is a must-read for all job seekers. These are the companies that have created cultures of caring and invest in employees’ health, happiness, and career development. And most importantly: they’re all hiring! We reached out to the heads of HR, recruitment team leaders, and talent acquisition experts at each of these great workplaces to find out exactly what they’re looking for in prospective job candidates. Below, they share some secrets on what you can do to get your resume seen, ace the interview, and land that dream job. Here’s just a sampling of what they had to say. For the full list, go to

Hilton Worldwide

100 Best Companies rank: 56
Number of job openings: 9,748
Types of positions available: All areas
Job title with the most openings: Housekeeping and Laundry – 2793 current openings
Secret from a recruiter: ““Do your homework!  Everyone knows about Hilton WorldWide but the candidates that go the extra mile to read about the hotel, search on LinkedIn for those executive committee members bios and research the position requirements always impress me.”   “Not realizing the impact you can make on a candidate, until you get a random email saying, thank you for your guidance, support, and motivating words.” You have made this an amazing experience.  When I  get caught up in the everyday routine, and do not recall what I said or who that person was at that moment. Emails like these make my day and what I do worthwhile and never fails to impress me.” —Shawna Beleckis, Senior Recruiter


KPMG bonus pool. File photo dated 2/8/2012 of signage on the KPMG building in Canary Wharf, London. KPMG has boosted its staff bonus pool by 20% after restoring profits growth following the "first and toughest year" of a three-year turnaround plan. Issue date: Monday December 16, 2013. The professional services firm, which has 583 partners and employs 10,800 staff after cutting about 3% of its workforce in 2012, said UK profits rose 27% to £455 million in the year to September 30. See PA story CITY KPMG. Photo credit should read: Sean Dempsey/PA Wire URN:18486948

100 Best Companies rank: 43
Number of job openings: 7,300
Types of positions available: Audit, tax, and advisory professionals, as well as a variety of internal support services.
Job title with the most openings: Campus recruiters currently seek tax and advisory associates and senior associates and audit associates. Experienced hire recruiters are looking for candidates for advisory senior associate positions.
Secret from a recruiter: “Candidates can impress recruiters by making themselves visible on social networks. This can be done by being actively involved in groups on LinkedIn that focus on their area of expertise, following companies that they are interested in, and interacting with people in their networks.” —Courtney Hill, Recruiting Manager

Marriott International

100 Best Companies rank: 83
Number of job openings: 5,412
Types of positions available: Food and beverage services, housekeeping, guest services/front desk, and sales & marketing are currently the categories with the most openings.
Job title with the most openings: Housekeeper, 361 openings
Secret from a recruiter:  “We look for people who bring passion and a breadth of work experiences to our company from across industries, not just hospitality.  When people demonstrate ambition and adaptability in developing their careers through varied roles, it adds a unique depth to their resumes that catches the eye of our recruiters and hiring managers. And we've found that as associates, they bring diverse perspectives and innovative ideas to the workplace.” —Julie Escanilla, Vice President, Global Executive Talent Acquisition


100 Best Companies rank: 53
Number of job openings: 4,601
Types of positions available: "While we are best known as an accounting firm and hire a wide range of accounting professionals we hire other diversified skills sets, such as STEM, with approximately 20% of our hires having either a major or minor in STEM."
Job title with the most openings: Public Sector Senior Associate has the highest number of openings with 182.
Secret from a recruiter: "One of the best ways to get our attention is to demonstrate that you’re thinking about how your skills and contributions enhance value or propel an organization forward toward its goals or vision. A good elevator pitch that incorporates these ideas, articulates your strengths and highlights your leadership attributes -- business acumen, building relationships, etc. will give us insight into your personal brand, which is what we find most helpful when comparing candidates.”—Rod Adams, U.S. Recruiting Leader

Publix Super Markets

#1449, Bonita Springs, Florida, Lakeland Division, Store, Store Opening, Grand Opening, The Center for Bonita Springs, Bonita Beach Road, Check Out, Reusable Bags, Brandmark, Publix Bag, Magazines

100 Best Companies rank: 67
Number of job openings: 4,523
Types of positions available: Mostly entry-level store positions, such as front service clerk, cashier, stock clerk, and deli clerk.  Also needed: cake decorators, bakers, and meat cutters.  Support openings include warehouse selectors, maintenance technicians, business/research analysts, systems analysts and interns.
Job title with the most openings: Front Service Clerk with 1,321 openings
Secret from a recruiter: “Service is a part of our culture that we must continuously uphold.  Therefore, it’s important that candidates have a service mentality, whether candidates are applying for positions in our stores or in our support areas.  We’re also looking for owners – people who are dedicated, loyal, and always striving to do the right thing.”  —Marcy Hamrick, Manager of Talent Acquisition

Edward Jones

Financial advisory firm Edward Jones is ranked No. 2 on the list of the 30 Best Workplaces to Retire From.

100 Best Companies rank: 10
Number of job openings: 3,969
Types of positions available: Financial advisors, branch office administrators in branch offices throughout the country. At its St. Louis headquarters and Tempe regional campus, the firm is looking to fill positions such as Compliance Field Supervision Director, Operations Specialist, Service Specialist, Project Leader, Team Leader, Senior Performance Development Specialist.
Job title with the most openings: Financial advisors
Secret from a recruiter: "People from a variety of backgrounds – including financial services, accounting, business ownership, education, nonprofit, sales and other industries – have embraced the financial advisor opportunity at Edward Jones. This career path can provide unlimited opportunity for those who have an entrepreneurial spirit, are willing to work hard, and want to build meaningful relationships with clients." — John Rahal, Principal, Financial Advisor Talent Acquisition


100 Best Companies rank: 49
Number of job openings: 3,300
Types of positions available: "All of our service lines are growing and hiring – Advisory, Assurance, Core Business Services, Tax and Transactions, and we have openings from entry level through Partner. We look for a variety of skillsets across our service lines ranging from auditing, cybersecurity, transaction due diligence and international tax to forensic accounting and technology support."
Job title with the most openings: The service line hiring the most is Advisory with about 1150 positions open in the U.S. There are openings at all levels from staff through Partner.
Secret from a recruiter: "To be a standout, candidates need to demonstrate technical knowledge in their discipline, but also a passion for asking the kind of insightful questions that have the power to unlock deeper insights and innovation for our clients. Our people team globally across borders and service lines to help us achieve our purpose of building a better working world, so we’re also looking for candidates with a strong global mindset and the drive to tackle complex issues for multinational clients worldwide. They will demonstrate that they are inclusive leaders, passionate about harnessing diverse perspectives and collaborating, staying connected and being insightful, with the goal of delivering exceptional client service and protecting the investing community. Standout candidates will show us that they share our purpose-driven approach to serving clients and thrive in high-performance team environments." —Larry Nash, Americas Experienced & Executive Recruiting Leader

Capital One

100 Best Companies rank: 88
Number of job openings: 3,300
Types of positions available: "We are very focused on hiring for roles that will advance us in our digital journey.  Several examples of opportunities we recruit for in the digital tech space include software engineers, product developers, experience designers and data scientists among others. We continue to hire for roles to support our card, retail and commercial banking business, too. For example, we are hiring business analysts, tellers, branch managers and customer service associates."
Job title with the most openings: "We are hiring for over 900 openings in digital technology across the company including 365 software engineers and 170 associates in digital product design and management. We are also hiring almost 650 operations and call center associates and we have hundreds of openings for different roles in our retail bank."
Secret from a recruiter: "We aspire to attract the brightest talent and give them the chance to be great. We seek candidates with an entrepreneurial mindset who have the courage to challenge the status quo and help us re-imagine money for our customers and inspire life. We know we have found a good candidate when we see a deep intellectual curiosity, a passion for our mission and to drive positive change, and an inclination to lead with heart and humanity. To impress our recruiters, show us you’re willing to think big and collaborate with the dreamers and doers to reinvent banking. Come to the table with an appetite for innovation, an open mind and an “others first” attitude. Be excited to join an inclusive culture that thrives on supporting our customers, teammates and communities." – Jennifer Anderson, VP Talent Acquisition

Hyatt Hotels

100 Best Companies rank: 47
Number of job openings: 3,197
Types of positions available: "Hyatt has many customer facing roles such as sales manager, events manager, front office agent, valet, concierge, server, and bartender.  The hotels also have heart of the house roles that help execute on our experiences from behind the scenes.  Departments such as human resources, finance, housekeeping, engineering and culinary operations are examples of this.  The variety of roles lends to many choices as it relates to careers opportunities."
Job title with the most openings: "Hyatt currently has a need for Culinary professionals. We have over 300 roles open in this field."
Secret from a recruiter: "Hyatt is looking for passionate candidates that can give insights as to how they would create unique experiences for our guests.  As our goal is to be the preferred brand; the way to preference is within the experiences and memories created by our associates.  We do this by looking for candidates that have high levels of empathy and whom we feel would show the most care for colleagues and guests.  Hyatt also knows that one size does not fit all.  We look for candidates that are willing to show their personal brand or be at their best.  This includes thinking differently and bringing an innovative spirit to the workplace." —Kristy Seidel, Director of Talent Acquisition Americas

The Cheesecake Factory

100 Best Companies rank: 98
Number of job openings: 2,200
Types of positions available: Restaurant roles include servers, hosts, bartenders, dessert finishers, cashiers, dishwashers, line cooks, prep cooks, stewards and operations support technicians, restaurant managers, and kitchen managers. Corporate Administration roles include: executives, managers, specialists and coordinators in various fields including accounting, operations services, marketing, workers’ compensation, HR, and IT
Job title with the most openings: Approximately 700 server openings
Secret from a recruiter: "The secret to getting hired into a restaurant position is knowing that we look for people who genuinely ooze hospitality and radiate positivity. What does that look like, you ask? For service positions, we want to see candidates with warm smiles and infectious energy who are also caring and compassionate. For kitchen roles, we look for candidates who are passionate about making memorable food from scratch, want to learn and take on new challenges, and enjoy working with a fun team. In all positions, both in our restaurants and corporate support center, we look for those special people who aspire to achieve and inspire excellence in those around them." – Claire Prager, vice president of talent selection

Mayo Clinic

100 Best Companies rank: 86
Number of job openings: 2,160
Types of positions available: Current career opportunities include physicians/scientists, nurses (RNs, CRNAs, LPNs), nurse practitioners, physician assistants, labs/research, and administrative (including IT, information security, public affairs and medical coding).
Job title with the most openings: Registered nurse with over 500 openings
Secret from a recruiter: “Be sure your resume and online application effectively present your qualifications. Make a good first impression to get our call and invitation to interview. Those candidates that meet the basic qualifications and take the extra step of aligning their past experiences with the requirements of the position have a better chance of demonstrating 'job fit.' Furthermore, many candidates — even those who are highly qualified — don't capitalize on the opportunity to demonstrate cultural fit in their applications. Take the time to illustrate how certain skills and achievements show cultural competencies such as collaboration, continuous learning, mutual respect, resourcefulness and empathy. We encourage job candidates to join our social media forum to connect with us, and register for our Talent Community to receive career information and new job postings. Introduce yourself online and ask us questions. Get to know us, and let us get to know you.” — Brent Bultema, Director of Allied Health Recruitment

Goldman Sachs

100 Best Companies rank: 51
Number of job openings: 2,000
Types of positions available: The financial firm is always searching for talent to fill positions across all businesses, and seeks candidates who are analytical, innovative and solutions-oriented.  Specifically, the firm continues its focused hiring efforts for MBAs, engineers and private wealth management professionals.
Secret from a recruiter: “In evaluating candidates, we consider a number of factors and prioritize individuals who have a diversity of experiences.  Candidates who tend to do well are collaborative and determined, enjoy working in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, have demonstrated the ability to overcome challenges and are self-starters with an entrepreneurial spirit.” – Edith Cooper, global head of Human Capital Management

Whole Foods Market

100 Best Companies rank: 75
Number of job openings: 1,800
Types of positions available: "Whole Foods Market is undergoing a period of exponential growth, so we’re hiring for all position levels at the stores and in our regional and Global Support offices. Averaging 200 Team Members per location for new store openings, we seek candidates interested in leadership opportunities, such as store leaders and associate store leaders, as well as those interested in a wide variety of roles in our various specialty departments (meat, seafood, produce, juice bar, floral, whole body, wine and beer, etc.)."
Secret from a recruiter: "Demonstrate your passion and subject matter expertise during each stage of the selection process. We are looking for that person who offers something above and beyond what most candidates are bringing to the table. To prepare for an interview, go to the stores, speak with Team Members and find other ways that you connect with our company. Which one of our Core Values resonates with you? What about you aligns with the company’s higher purpose and mission? After an interview, follow up immediately by sending a thoughtful note highlighting Whole Foods Market’s culture and how you see yourself fitting into it." —Andres Traslavina, Global Recruiting Manager, Whole Foods Market

Texas Health Resources

100 Best Companies rank: 46
Number of job openings: 1,206
Types of positions available: RN II, GN, PCT, Admissions Specialists, Laboratory Professionals, Certified Surgical Tech, Supervisor Nursing, Cath Lab Techs, Food Service Roles, Rehab Professionals, Imaging Professionals
Job title with the most openings: RN II with 230 openings
Secret from recruiters:  “I’m not sure it’s a secret but candidates that invest in themselves tend to stand apart from the pack. Those that not only educate themselves on the position and company they are applying to, but also take time to really develop their resume are a breath of fresh air. Candidate’s that have a strong and finely tuned resume provide us with a great preview into their experience and work ethic.” – Jacqueline Small, Recruiter

“Patient satisfaction is very important in the hospital now days.  So good interpersonal skills, the ability to relate and build a quick rapport and job stability is a must.” Christy Rousseau, Recruiter

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