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These Ryanair Flight Passengers Were Deemed Too Drunk To Travel

An 737 Boeing plane of the Ryanair company takes off, on October 11, 2014 at the Lille-Lesquin airport in northern France.Photograph by Philippe Huguen — AFP/Getty Images

Flying is already a pretty terrible experience for most travelers. There are long lines at security, small seats on the plane, and sometimes you get stuck next to a crying baby.

Now imagine being stuck on a plane with a rowdy, loud, drunken bachelor party.

Mashable has reported on a less-than-ideal flight that was traveling from England to Slovakia but grounded in Germany so the airline crew could eject a group of passengers that were deemed too drunk to travel.

“As we took off, they were hardly seated, they kept standing up and shouting random stuff,” according to one eyewitness.

Reportedly, the misbehaving men were all in their 20s and part of a larger group of 12 individuals. The men could face fines and also could be required to reimburse the airline to cover the financial costs of landing in Berlin.

Fortune reached out to the Irish low-cost airline to learn more about the flight and will update this post if they e-mail a statement. The airline confirmed to Mashable that it had to land the plane in Germany due to disruptive behavior. It said the case is now a matter for local authorities.