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Donald Trump Is Leading in These Two Super Tuesday States

Donald Trump is leading in two out of three key Super Tuesday states.

This Tuesday 11 states will hold their primary elections including Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas. A recent WSJ/NBC News/Marist poll conducted telephone interviews in those three states. The results found Trump leading in Georgia and Tennessee, and Hillary Clinton ahead in all three.

Trump received 30% support in Georgia, leading both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio by just 7 points. The real estate mogul is winning by a wider margin in Tennessee with 40% support over Cruz’s 22% and Rubio’s 19%. Dr. Ben Carson and Ohio Governor John Kasich received less than 10% in each state.

Cruz holds a double-digit lead in Texas, his home state, receiving 39% support to Trump’s 26% and Rubio’s 16%. If he wins the primary, it could solidify him as Trump’s biggest competition for the Republican nomination.

The poll was conducted before Thursday’s GOP debate and Chris Christie’s endorsement of Trump the following day. A quarter of likely voters were re-interviewed afterwards. While there was no statistically significant change in support, most interviewees identified Rubio as the debate winner.

As for the Democratic candidates, Clinton’s support hovers around 60% in each state with her lead over Bernie Sanders ranging between 34 and 21 points. The senator performs best in Texas with 38% support to Clinton’s 59%. However, he’s expected to do well in Minnesota, Colorado, and his home-state of Vermont, all of which are holding primaries that same day.