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JetBlue Reminds America to ‘Reach Across the Aisle’

Jet Blue To Begin Operations At O'Hare AirportJet Blue To Begin Operations At O'Hare Airport
A JetBlue Airways jet sits on the tarmac at O'Hare Airport October 26, 2006 in Chicago, Illinois.Photograph by Scott Olson—Getty Images

JetBlue’s latest ad seems to be a tongue-in-cheek reprimand of the increasingly polarized American political environment.

In the video, called “Reach Across the Aisle,” a JetBlue representative tells a plane full of passengers that they’ll all be given free round-trip tickets to anywhere in the world. But there’s a caveat: every passenger has to agree on the destination.


“People everywhere are digging in and holding their ground, refusing to compromise,” the representative says. “So, as a social experiment, we wanted to find out if real people on a JetBlue flight would have an easier time putting aside their differences and reaching across the aisle.”

As it turns out, they did. After much back-and-forth, every passenger voted for a flight to Costa Rica. “So what have we learned?” the ad asks. “If people compromise and work together, all parties can win.”

Duly noted, JetBlue.

This article incorrectly identified the destination of the free flight as Puerto Rico; In fact, it is Costa Rica.