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Donald Trump Says Mitt Romney Is a ‘Dope’

Mitt Romney Campaigns With AK Senate Candidate Dan Sullivan In AnchorageMitt Romney Campaigns With AK Senate Candidate Dan Sullivan In Anchorage
Romney at a rally for Republican Senate candidate Dan Sullivan in November in Anchorage, Alaska. Photograph by David Ryder — Getty Images

As Donald Trump increases his odds to win the Republican presidential nomination, one big question keeps popping up: Will he release his tax returns?

It’s not a requirement for candidates, but the disclosure has become a standard practice. Trump says he hasn’t decided yet if he’ll release his returns, and his lack of action is raising an even bigger question: What’s inside?

At least one prominent Republican thinks some big news could be lying in the documents—2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

On Fox News Wednesday, Romney declared his belief that Trump’s tax return could include a “bombshell.” It is a bit ironic for Romney to push Trump on the issue, as his delay in releasing his tax returns caused much controversy in 2012.


Trump responded to Romney on Twitter with his characteristic vitriol.

Trump joins his fellow Republican candidates for their final debate tonight before the Super Tuesday primaries on March 1.