This Is How Much It Costs to Buy One of Everything on Amazon

February 25, 2016, 3:25 PM UTC

Amazon has become the one-stop shop of the digital age, stocking everything from toilet paper to fashion to video game systems. In total, there are about 479 million items on the e-commerce site. So, exactly how much would it cost to buy one of each of those products?

As it turns out, someone’s done that calculation for you. And the result? You’ll need about $12.86 billion. Not to mention a very large warehouse for storing your newly acquired stuff.

That sum was calculated by Kynan Eng, a computer scientist based in Zurich, in response to a question on Quora, reported USA Today. To reach the total cost, he took the total number of items on Amazon (AMZN) and multiplied that by the average price of a product, which was $26.86.

Eng is also known for estimating the total cost of saving Matt Damon in all his Hollywood movie roles (e.g. The Martian, Saving Private Ryan, and Elysium). That came out to a significantly more expensive sum: $900 billion and change.

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