Moneyball Guru Says There Aren’t Enough ‘Morons’ For Donald Trump to Win

February 25, 2016, 6:17 PM UTC

Bill James is mostly famous for helping to create sabermetrics, the advanced statistical method that baseball general managers use to evaluate players, popularized in the book and later movie Moneyball. James is a character in Michael Lewis’ book. But James, apparently, also has some strong feelings about the current political field, and he makes it clear in a new blog post he has no taste for Donald Trump.

James, in a post titled “Trump, as in Rump,” states that he hated Trump long before the New York businessman ran for President. He also says that he feels Trump would be “very dangerous for our nation” if he to were win the presidency. James, though, doesn’t think there is much of a chance of that happening.

I don’t think that Trump can win, frankly, because I don’t think there are enough morons to elect him. A certain percentage of the American public is just morons; that’s the way it is. When you divide the public in two and then divide the voters in one of those halves among five candidates or more, a candidate can win by dominating the moron vote because it only takes about one-seventh of the total population to take the “lead” under those circumstances. But when you’re talking about needing 51% of the WHOLE population, rather than needing 30% of half of the population, you run out of morons. I hope we will; I hope Trump will lose because I hope that he runs out of morons to vote for him.

You can read all of James’ piece here.


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