The NFL’s Former Helmet Maker Could Pay Big Bucks Over Concussions

February 9, 2016, 7:30 PM UTC
Photograph by Leon Halip — Getty Images

For helmet maker Riddell, false anti-concussion claims could cost the company big money.

After allowing thousands of former football players and the National Football League to sue former helmet provider Riddell over concussions, a federal judge in Philadelphia has reportedly decided to consolidate the lawsuits with the goal of reaching a settlement, according to the New York Post, citing anonymous sources.

Judge Anita Brody gave the players until January 29 to file their lawsuits, and roughly 100 are planning to do so, according to the Post.

Riddell, a company part of BRG Sports, was the NFL’s official helmet maker from 1989 to 2014. The company has been accused of making claims that its helmets protect against concussions without evidence to support that.

Judge Brody has twice ruled against the company’s motion to dismiss the case.

The NFL is facing its own potential settlement against it for up to $1 billion to former players for concussion-related injuries. An appeals court is expected to approve the settlement, according to the Post.