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McDonald’s Rolls Out Table Service to U.K. Restaurants

Allergic Expectant Mother Forced To Live On Big MacsAllergic Expectant Mother Forced To Live On Big Macs
No more standing in line to order your Big Mac.Photograph by Wordwide Features — Barcroft Media Barcroft Media via Getty Images

You can now have your Big Mac delivered directly to your table at McDonald’s U.K. locations.

The fast food chain’s U.K. branch tested table service at 14 locations and, because it turned out to be so successful, it’s now being expanded to all newly refurbished McDonald’s (MCD) restaurants as of February, Telegraph reports. Customers can sit down and order their food through a digital kiosk, and it will be served directly to their table.

McDonald’s U.K. opened 26 new locations in 2015. The branch’s chief executive, Paul Pomeroy, told Telegraph, “the rollout of our reimaging program is transforming the way we serve customers, and has been a key growth driver.” More than 300 U.K. locations have been refurbished so far, and the chain expects to add another 350 to that number by the end of this year.

McDonald’s U.K. closed out 2015 with its busiest quarter ever after introducing healthier sides, like carrot sticks, and adding variety to the Happy Meal menu with things like Roald Dahl book giveaways. In addition to table service, it will also be expanding its trial of premium, 100% organic burgers. In an active poll by Telegraph, 64% of respondents (at the time of writing) said they would be willing to pay extra for an organic burger from McDonald’s.

The chain also got some good new in the U.S. this week as it announced its best quarter in almost four years after launching all-day breakfast in October.