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These Things Now Cost More Than a Barrel of Oil

January 26, 2016, 7:48 PM UTC
Chemical Barrel
Photograph by Jorgen Jacobsen — Getty Images

As of Tuesday, a barrel of crude oil cost $30.34. At this time last year, it was at around $55. Since then prices have been falling fast, hitting their lowest level in over a decade. Here are a few things you probably wouldn’t have ever thought would be more expensive than oil.


West Coast Salmon Fishing Season Canceled
Fresh salmon filetsPhotograph by Justin Sullivan — Getty Images
Photograph by Justin Sullivan — Getty Images

If you’ve noticed a spike in the cost of your favorite spicy salmon roll, it could be because, as Bloomberg reports, the fish has reached record high prices. A single 4.5 kg salmon, which is the standard size, now goes for more than $40.

A Dinner Date at Olive Garden

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant - Washington, DC
Lasagna primavera with grilled chicken at an Olive Garden.The Washington Post The Washington Post/Getty Images
Photograph by Matt McClain — The Washington Post The Washington Post via Getty Images

The average bill for a dinner for two at the Italian chain restaurant would cost you $33. That’s quite a steal with unlimited breadsticks and never ending pasta bowls, yet it’s still more expensive than a barrel of crude.

iPhone Case

IFA 2012 Consumer Electronics Trade Fair
An employee arranges [hotlink]Apple[/hotlink] iPhone cases.Adam Berry Getty Images
Photograph by Adam Berry — Getty Images

You can either get a plain iPhone case from Apple’s website for $35, or you can get a Palin iPhone case for a few bucks less.

A Lunchbox

Honest Company lunch boxes.

If a brown bag isn’t fashionable enough for your little one, you can buy a leopard print lunch box from Jessica Alba’s Honest Company. It’s priced at $29.95, but is sure to pass the $30.34 threshold after shipping fees and taxes.

A Night in Delaware

Hurricane Irene
The boardwalk at Rehoboth Beach, Delware.Photograph by Linda D. Epstein — MCT via Getty Images
Photograph by Linda D. Epstein — MCT via Getty Images

The First State is also the country’s least visited state with just over 7 million people traveling there each year. Whereas the same price on Airbnb would get you a couch or a walk-in closet with a mattress in some cities, for $45 you can find a full private floor in Wilmington, Delaware.