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Bernie Sanders Releases New Ad With Help From Simon and Garfunkel

Democratic Candidate For President Bernie Sanders Holds Rally In Birmingham On MLK Jr. DayDemocratic Candidate For President Bernie Sanders Holds Rally In Birmingham On MLK Jr. Day
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders walks with his wife Jane Sanders and other family members as he prepares to speak at Boutwell Auditorium on January 18, 2016 in Birmingham, Alabama. Photograph by Hal Yeager—Getty Images

Bernie Sanders has a new campaign ad airing in Iowa and New Hampshire, and it’s unlike almost any other ad this primary season.

The ad, “America,” begins airing Friday and doesn’t include any voice-overs, except for Sanders’ endorsement in its final seconds. Instead, scenes of Sanders supporters flash across the screen as Simon and Garfunkel’s “America” plays in the background.

The ad highlights the progressive growth of Sanders’ following from his beginning as a little-known Vermont senator. The early scenes show Sanders meeting with small, informal crowds, but as the ad goes on, Sanders becomes surrounded by seas of supporters in gymnasiums and theaters.

It’s a hopeful ad, featuring plenty of shots of Sanders smiling and supporters dancing and cheering as Simon and Garfunkel’s lyrics “We’ve all come to look for America” play. (The use of the folk rock duo’s song doesn’t mean they’re endorsing the candidate, a Sanders spokesperson clarified to CNN.)

The ad stands in contrast to front-runner Hillary Clinton’s ad campaign to win Iowa and New Hampshire voters. In one recent ad, titled “This House,” a voice-over summarizes Clinton’s political experience. “If you want a president who knows how to keep American safe and build a strong economy, Hillary is the choice,” the voice-over said. In another, “The World,” a voice-over says that the “presidency is the toughest job in the world,” and “the world the president has to grapple with—sometimes you can’t even imagine.”