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The 4 Worst Presidential Candidate Technology Flubs, So Far

January 15, 2016, 6:31 PM UTC
Hillary Rodham Clinton
FILE - In this Oct. 18, 2011, file photo, then-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton checks her Blackberry from a desk inside a C-17 military plane upon her departure from Malta, in the Mediterranean Sea, bound for Tripoli, Libya. It’s a photo that became an Internet meme: Hillary Rodham Clinton, wearing sunglasses, staring at her BlackBerry. Now it’s becoming a focal point for Republicans on the House committee that’s investigating the deadly attacks in Benghazi, Libya. The chairman, South Carolina Republican Trey Gowdy, wants to know why the panel has no emails from the day the photo was taken as Clinton, then the secretary of state, was en route to Tripoli. (AP Photo/Kevin Lamarque, Pool, File)
Photograph by Kevin Lamarque — AP

Running for president is hard. It requires stamina, vision, and leadership. It isn’t made any easier when the technology you require to be successful just won’t cooperate.

Here are four examples of candidates who have had serious problems with their technology that have resulted in a few laughs and gaffes.

Donald Trump’s microphone

Earlier this week, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump was speaking in Florida when his microphone wouldn’t stop popping. In typical Donald Trump style, he went off on the mic and everyone involved in installing it. And the audience ate it up:

Jeb Bush is bemused by his Apple Watch

It has been a tough campaign for Jeb Bush. He’s been bullied by Donald Trump, and he isn’t doing well in the polls. At least he discovered, on camera, that his Apple Watch can be used to take phone calls:


Ted Cruz uploads the wrong speech

During the 2015 State of the Union, Ted Cruz tried to upload a response to President Obama’s speech on YouTube. This was just as his campaign for president was beginning, so he clearly wanted to get things off to a good start. He failed, uploading the wrong take of the speech, where he stops in the middle of his rebuttal and asks for a do-over.

Hillary Clinton’s e-mail struggles

This one is potentially more serious than the others. Clinton has been haunted for much of the past year by the revelation that she used a personal e-mail server for work-related activities while she was Secretary of State. This could still come back to bite her in the general election.