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These Companies Will Deliver Thanksgiving to Your Door

Salt–rubbed, roasted turkey with roasted parsnips, pan sauce, center and spiced pumpkin soup with mSalt–rubbed, roasted turkey with roasted parsnips, pan sauce, center and spiced pumpkin soup with m
The U.S. produces 228 million turkeys each year.Photograph by Jay L. Clendenin — LA Times via Getty Images

Thanksgiving is almost here along with all of the preparation and cooking that comes with putting together a classic turkey feast. Fortunately, the tech industry has plenty of options to make it easier for you, from shipping you boxes of all the ingredients you need, to delivering completely cooked dishes. Here are a few alternatives, some that even delivery on Thursday, that could save you some work this Thanksgiving:


Open the Postmates app, and you’ll find a “Friendsgiving” tab that will let you browse recipes for everything from the turkey to a pecan-chocolate pie. For each recipe, it lists the necessary ingredients, which you can then order and have delivered right to your door. As its name suggests, the special tag was created with a potluck-style meal strategy that many friends adopt when celebrating the holiday with each other. What’s more, if you want to entirely skip cooking, you can pick from a selection of ready-made goodies like pies and fancy cheeses to still contribute to the feast with minimal fuss.

For more details on Friendsgiving, head here.


This startup is known for eliminating the thinking and shopping while letting you still cook entirely from scratch. Plated sends you all the ingredients for specific recipes. All you need to do is follow along by mixing and doing the cooking. Plated’s menu for this week is filled with dishes reminiscent of the traditional American Thanksgiving fare, such as glazed turkey thighs with mashed sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts, and pumpkin cheesecake with whipped cream.

For more about Plated’s menu, get the details here.


During Thanksgiving week, Munchery will deliver freshly cooked holiday dishes right to your door, whether you’re dining solo or with friends and family. The startup has created several dishes that can be ordered to assemble a veritable Thanksgiving feast of whatever size you need. In most of its markets, the company is also delivering an all-in-one meal for one person, complete with slices of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry, gravy, and Brussel sprouts. In San Francisco, a version for four people comes with all the essential dishes and optional wine pairings.

Menue vary by city, so find out more here.


Din, formerly known as Forage, is for those who want to cook but not too much. The company delivers meal kits that include all the ingredients necessary for a dish, though some ingredients are partially prepared or cooked, which makes the process faster and easier. For Thanksgiving, Din is offering dishes like organic free-range heritage turkey, pumpkin sage risotto and toffee apple pie.

For more on the menu and where it’s available, go here.


Similarly to what Postmates is doing for Thanksgiving, grocery delivery service Instacart has rounded up recipes inspired by the holiday. For each, it will automatically generate a shopping list that can be ordered (in full or just whatever ingredients you need to purchase) and delivered. In San Francisco, the company has also partnered with local grocery company Bi-Rite to deliver its $175 Thanksgiving meal kits.

For a list of Instacart’s Thanksgiving recipes, go here, and for more tips and recipes from its blog, head here.

Amazon Prime Now

The retail giant’s members-only rush delivery service will be open for business on Thanksgiving Day to deliver last minute orders. Forgot a jar of cranberry sauce or a board game to entertain the kids? You can get both in under an hour. Though there is a $7.99 fee for one-hour delivery, the tw0-hour option is free as part of the Amazon Prime membership.

To see if Prime Now is available in your area, head to Amazon Prime’s site here.

Bonus: OpenTable

Lastly, if all you want is a hot and delicious meals with zero cooking or dishwashing, check out restaurant booking service OpenTable (OPEN) to find local restaurants open during Thanksgiving.

To find a last minute table in your area, go to OpenTable’s website, here, or download the app.

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