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Google Lets Users Embrace Inner Jedi With ‘Star Wars’ Apps

Star Wars Celebration 2015Star Wars Celebration 2015
Stormtroopers onstage during Star Wars Celebration 2015 on April 16, 2015 in Anaheim, California.Photograph by Alberto E. Rodriguez — Getty Images for Disney

Google used to adhere to a well-known motto: “Don’t be evil.” With that in mind, it’s likely the search-engine giant would favor the light side of the Jedi over the Sith’s dark side.

But Google (GOOG) isn’t taking sides when it comes to a new partnership with Lucasfilm and Walt Disney (DIS) to allow users to select either the light or the dark side and then watch their path progress on Google’s apps, including Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, and Chrome. More details about the Google-Star Wars partnership can be found at this blog post here.

Gear tied to the Star Wars film alone is expected to generate $3 billion to $5 billion globally, and that doesn’t factor in the revenue that the film will pull in, nor partnerships like this one with Google.

As Bloomberg points out, Google is joining a slew of companies from toy makers to game developers that are attempting piggyback off what is expected to be the year’s biggest film debut.