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Twitter Is Testing More Emojis for Reactions

Hong Kong Rugby Sevens: beer, costumes and, somewhere, a resultHong Kong Rugby Sevens: beer, costumes and, somewhere, a result

Not happy with Twitter’s recent move to “like” tweets with a heart instead of “faving” them with a star?

You might be able to take your pick from whatever emoji you want as it seems Twitter (TWTR) is mulling over giving users more options. Twitter user @_Ninj spotted the ability to select from multiple emoji to replace the heart, and told The Verge it was part of a developer build he accessed through a jailbroken version of the app on iOS. The feature also appears to be far from complete and the emoji return to hearts according to _Ninj, signaling that Twitter is still debating whether to even test it.

When reached for comment, a Twitter spokesperson simply responded with: 🙊

Twitter is only the latest social network to look into giving more options to users in how they interact with other’s content. Photo-sharing social network Path introduced a nearly-identical set of reaction emoji years ago, and office chat tool did the same a few months ago. But most recently, Facebook (FB) made waves when it began to test a similar feature after sticking to its iconic “like” thumb-up button since its inception years ago. Zuckerberg explained the change of heart by saying that there are emotions other than the “like” that users often want to express, and Facebook wants to give them ways to show empathy—whether its sadness, excitement, support, or even a red heart.

And since Facebook has received a patent for this feature, it’ll be interesting to see whether Twitter does venture into rolling it out.