This Is the Best Review of Apple’s New iPad Pro I’ve Seen

November 15, 2015, 1:53 PM UTC
Courtesy of Horace Dediu

Of all the writers I excerpted earlier this week in my round-up of iPad Pro reviews, only Horace Dediu was willing to throw out the detachable keyboard—literally, with an off-camera crash—and zero in on what really makes this device different.

“I think it’s a completely new product,” he says at the 7:30 minute mark. “It isn’t an iPad. It isn’t a personal computer or a Mac. This is actually a completely new category. It is a product for you to create on. It is a product designed with the notion that people want to make things. It is certainly an exceptional product for that purpose because of this, the pencil.”

If he’s right—and I think he is—the market for the iPad Pro will be relatively narrow, at least at first. Artists, architects, and designers will be drawn to it. For a graphics-whiz like Dediu, it’s a natural.

But for the rest of us, not so much. If you need a keyboard, you’re better off with a PC or Mac. If you need mobility, you’re better off with a smartphone. If all you want to do is read e-mail, surf the web and watch videos, you’re probably better off with the tablet you already own.

Dediu’s review is available on his Asymco blog and in the YouTube video below.

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