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Here are the Best Tweets of the GOP Debate

Fox Business And The Wall Street Journal Host Republican Primary DebateFox Business And The Wall Street Journal Host Republican Primary Debate
Tuesday night's GOP debate in Milwaukee.Photograph by Daniel Acker — Bloomberg via Getty Images

Of all the tweets bandied about during Tuesday night’s Republican debate, the best one might have been made by a Democrat.

The Twittersphere was full of comments from famous CEOs, fact-checking economists and opportunistic comedians, but it was Hillary Clinton who tweeted out a simple GIF that summed up her feelings during the contest:

Clinton wasn’t the only Democratic presidential candidate to tweet out instant responses. With more than 4,000 retweets, Bernie Sanders might have had the most shared tweet of the night with his timely Veterans Day-linked question:

With Fox Business Network at the helm of the debate, corporate luminaries chimed in with their verdicts on the performance of Republican candidates on both the main stage and the undercard round:

Some economists and media members took the candidate’s statements to task—especially on inflation, their knowledge on monetary policy, and Marco Rubio’s curious comment on welders:

And some were just watching for, well, the fun of it: