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Democrats Won’t Like the Wi-Fi Password Used at Last Night’s Republican Debate

GOP Presidential Candidates Debate In MilwaukeeGOP Presidential Candidates Debate In Milwaukee
The Milwaukee Theater, site of last night's Republican DebatePhotograph by Scott Olson — Getty Images

The Wi-Fi password used for Tuesday night’s Republican debate in Milwaukee was nowhere close to subtle. In order for journalists and others at the event to access the network, they had to type in “StopHillary.”

That, of course, is a direct dig at Democratic presidential frontrunner, Hillary Clinton.

Fortune has reached out to the Republican National Committee to confirm who selected the password.

The GOP tweeted out an image of the password Tuesday night (posted below) after another Twitter user posted that it was a “brilliant troll.”

But who won the debate? Fortune analyzed the matchup, and found that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio showed up strong, topping the likes of contenders and political outsiders Donald Trump and Ben Carson.