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Here’s the latest reason people are slamming Donald Trump

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Las VegasDonald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Las Vegas
Donald Trump during a campaign rally in Las Vegas in October 2015.Photograph by Isaac Brekken—Getty Images

In his latest gaffe, Donald Trump said in a Today interview Monday that he can relate to the average American and that his father, Fred Trump, gave him a “small” loan to get his start in real estate. For most average Americans, a small loan might be something in the thousands of dollars, but for Trump, it was $1 million, reported Salon.

The statement caused audience members to gasp in shock. And while Trump followed up by saying he repaid the loan with interest, social media blew up over the statement using #TrumpTODAY as a hashtag on Twitter.

Trump remains in the lead in nationwide polls of public support for the GOP presidential nominee. However, top rival Ben Carson has recently surged ahead in Iowa, showing growing discontent among voters over the brash businessman.