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Billionaire Mark Cuban: I can beat Trump and Hillary

Businessman and TV personality Mark Cuban.Businessman and TV personality Mark Cuban.
Businessman and TV personality Mark Cuban.Photograph by Steve Jennings—Getty Images

The surge of support behind Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump may be encouraging other business leaders to consider a similar run, including fellow billionaire Mark Cuban.

Cuban, owner of the NBA team Dallas Mavericks and a constant presence on the ABC startup-themed show Shark Tank, believes he would be a formidable opponent for current Republican Party frontrunner Trump, and for Democrat favorite Hillary Clinton.

“I get asked every day. It’s a fun idea to toss around. If I ran as a Dem, I know I could beat Hillary Clinton. And if it was me vs. Trump, I would crush him. No doubt about it,” he told CNBC.

Calling himself a “three-comma POTUS—as in $1,000,000,000,” Cuban has seen the bombastic, no-holds-barred personality of Trump connect with potential voters, and believes that stripped-down swagger is a result of his largesse of wealth. “Rich people just have a little more arrogance to think we know more than everyone else,” Cuban told CNBC.

Cuban has himself been no stranger to controversy. He was fined around $1.9 million for 14 incidents relating to public reprimands of NBA referees and the league in general, and has even engaged in a Twitter (TWTR) battle with Trump himself over a challenge to donate $1 million to the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

However, Cuban also seems pragmatic about the challenges of running the nation.

“Whether it’s someone like me, or a Trump, the first time someone dies because of a decision the president made, I think all that bluster goes out the window,” he reportedly said.