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Somebody tore apart the Star Wars BB-8 toy to see how it works

BB-8 on its charging stand. BB-8 on its charging stand.
BB-8 on its charging stand. Photograph by Kacy Burdette for Fortune

The new BB-8 Star Wars toy, which was launched last week in part to hype up the upcoming The Force Awakens film, has captivated everyone from humans to puppies. And, of course, when people get their hands on the new product made by Sphero, they want to destroy it. The repair chain uBreakiFix did just that in a video uploaded to YouTube recently.

Take a look at the video and you can see the small, robotic companion get unboxed and dismantled before your eyes. The orange and white droid is sawed apart so that viewers can see the diminutive robot’s innards, which is pretty cool.

Check out the video on YouTube here:

Fortune profiled the company behind the toy, which you can read here. Fortune also recently spoke with the company’s CEO about the future of Sphero’s work, and BB-8 paid us a visit: