Apple: Seven questions for Mark Gurman

September 8, 2015, 6:08 PM UTC
Courtesy Mark Gurman

Want to know what Apple’s planning to unveil tomorrow? Read Mark Gurman. That’s what everybody else is doing. In advance of the big event Wednesday, we put some questions to the reporter with all the answers.

What do you consider your biggest scoop this go-round?
I think all the stories this time around add up to something bigger, but I love the stories people call “impossible” until they actually happen. This time around, there has been a lot of doubt about the $149+ Apple TV pricing [more than double] the current price in a category where Apple is now running fourth behind aggressively-priced rivals.

Which detail from your 9/9 walk-up you are least certain about?
With Apple, plans can change up until the very last minute, like iOS features that missed the cut for iOS 8 but showed up in iOS 9. I know what I published was true when I published it. Beyond that, it is out of my control.

Still convinced it will be a 3-ring circus (new iPhones, new Apple TV, new iPad Pro)?
Yes, and given the large venue, I think it makes a lot of sense.

Compare and contrast your reporting to John Paczkowski’s at BuzzFeed.
John is fantastic and definitely was the person in this field I have looked up to the most.

Still hankering for a career in TV?
I’m leaning heavily towards continuing my journalistic work in the future, but I’m open to other opportunities.

Any contact yet with Apple PR?
I’m guessing they’re still busy preparing for all the announcements on Wednesday.

Are you going to be there Wednesday? If not, how will you be following the news?
Nope, I am back in Ann Arbor for my senior year at the University of Michigan. I plan to watch the live stream on my TV.

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